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Seeing an opportunity in the panel sector, Winksy International ventured into production of Veneer and Plywood in 2018. The company started with exports of veneers eventually manufacturing different grades of plywood like commercial, waterproof, fire-retardant and others. Company plans to cater Furniture & Cabinet manufacturers, Marine & Decorative Industry, Flooring, Construction and automobile sector.

We are proud to say that our product range, quality and transparency in doing business has been appreciated by customers all around the world. We can proudly say that subsidiary in the West Africa is one of its kinds manufacturing facility having Carb and Lloyd’s certification.

Flexible Panels (3mm - 15mm) in CG & LG

100% Fromager veneer is used to make these special panels. A special procedure has to be followed to produce these panels which ultimately gives the best flexible panel in the world. It can be longitudinal or transversal. We provide the option of glue as per usage(interior/exterior). These panels are mainly used offices, automobile, special furniture etc.

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Lightweight Panels

Ceiba plywood being below 400 Kg/m3 is an ideal material for all interior layout projects. It’s light color, flexibility to use and machining allows interior designers to use it for all applications. They are produced with US EPA TSCA TITLE VI CARB certified CLASS I and CLASS III resin making it suitable for interior/exterior applications.

Lloyd’s Certified Marine Panels

Plywood manufactured with premium quality Fromager veneers and meeting BS1088:2018 standards with Lloyd’s Register Type Approved certificate. These panels are widely used for boat construction due to its light weight in nature with excellent moisture content(Class III). Even for interior fitting or damp areas, these panels can be used.

Furniture Grade Plywood

Mixed Topical Species (Fromager & Hevea) with Fromager/Okoume veneer as face and back is being utilized to manufacture this plywood. Plywood is made as per US EPA TSCA TITLE VI CARB requirements. Class III resin is normally used to make these panels. This plywood is a perfect substitute of Birch Plywood.

Anti-Slip Plywood

Mixed Tropical Species (Fromager & Hevea) is used with Phenolic film covering both sides of the plywood. One side (220 GSM) have hexagonal or mesh relief whereas the other side(170 GSM) is smooth film of brown color. The surface is characterized by a high degree of wear resistance, has a good visual design and is resistant to chemicals and moisture as its manufactured using CLASS III resin.

Engineered Flooring Platforms

An Engineered Floor is made with a hardwood surface layer laminated on top of a Platform for better stability as its exposed to weight, heavy wear and tear and moisture. These platforms are manufactured with CLASS III resin having high MOE and MOR to sustain wear and tear. Engineered floors can be installed in houses, subfloors, commercial properties etc including areas with a radiant heating system. Our platforms are US EPA TSCA TITLE VI CARB certified, therefore completely safe to be installed in interiors.

Film Face Plywood

Smooth Phenolic films of 120 GSM and 170 GSM of brown/black are quoted on both sides of the plywood. It complies with EN 314 standard with gluing of plywood being CLASS III. This plywood is mainly used for formwork, construction and surface coating.

Non-Structural LVL

Considering we are working with one of the lightest species, Fromager, manufacturing of non-structural LVL is done. Fromager all aligned unidirectionally with couple of hevea veneer lines are used to manufacture these panels. It’s manufactured with Class I & Class III resin and can be applied in interior/exterior areas.

Melamine Laminated Panels

Made with Fromager Core veneer, Melamine paper is being laminated in our facility as per the color demanded by the customer and availability. These board is often used in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for its durability. It works well for shelving as well as display counters, office furniture, whiteboards etc. Class I & Class III glue is used depending on the customer with US EPA TSCA TITLE VI CARB certification.

In order to ensure the quality of the panel products, we manufacture them as per the EU standards like EN314, EN322, EN324, EN 350, EN 636, EN 13986 and others. All our panels are calibrated and sanded as per the internationally accepted tolerance limits. We keep stock of resin We can produce panels with interior or exterior resin depending on the application of the product.