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About Us

Who we are

Winksy International FZC is a UAE based company having interests in Timber Products(Logs, Lumber, Veneer, Plywood) and Agro Commodities(Cashews, Sesame, Sheanut).  With an experience of more than 50 years and third generation into the wood industry, the owners have earned a great reputation and recognition in the industry. Company’s continuous commitment towards quality, environment, community and fair practices have made them own different trading divisions in the India and West African sub-continent. Currently, the company is operating with long term contracts and in collaboration with companies present in Cote d’ivoire, India and Suriname.

We continuously aim to strike the right balance between customer needs and optimizing full recovery of precious raw material. Our role and responsibility towards enhancing urbanization and preserving the most purposeful natural resource – ‘Forests’, has built a great reputation and goodwill for our collaborators located in different regions and received applause from local forest authorities. Our commitment towards environment and quality can be recognized by certifications obtained by Production facilities: FSC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Carb Phase-II, Title-VI & Lloyds.

Raw material is procured from different areas: Concessions, Classified Forests, Community Forests ensuring that we have all the exploitation rights as per norms and regulations of the Local Authorities. All raw material is brought in a state-of-the-art facility wherein sawing, peeling and manufacturing different grades of Plywood is done as per EU Norms.

We also trade agro commodities like Raw Cashew Nuts, Sesame Seeds and Sheanuts from Cote d’ivoire and Nigeria. In total, we are moving about 10,000 MT of agro commodities annually from West Africa to South East Asia.

Our Facilities


The sawmill section compromises of Vertical & Horizontal Bandsaws mainly from Brenta, Woodmizer and Primurtini. We are trading lumber, beams, cants, pallets and others. We mainly deal with in following species from Africa:

  • Spanish Cedar
  • Plantation Teak
  • Frake
  • Framire
  • Gmelina

Other species like Iroko, Mahogay family(Acajou, Tiama, Kotibe) etc are present at regular intervals as per availability. We are currently trading approx. 20,000 CBM of sawn timber and its different variants annually.

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the company has made a constant effort to work with Plantation based species ensuring total sustainability of the natural resources used.

We are trading Logs and Lumber from African sub-continent and Suriname. Prominent species would be: Sapele, Utile, Iroko, Padouk, Angelique, Purple Heart, Tanimbuca, Angelim Pedra, Ipe etc


Seeing an opportunity in the panel sector, Winksy International ventured into trading of Veneer and Plywood. With the focus to cater international market, we ensured to start with rotary peeled veneers, commercial, waterproof and fire-retardant panels.

Innovation with new technology implementation are also key factors in the company. This has led the company to successfully implement and manufacture panels as per EU standards catering different markets and secure long-term suppliers. Our product differentiation, offering and first mover benefit has always increased our reach, not only in the traditional European and American markets, but also in Far East and Middle East markets.

Our prominent species for veneer and panel production is Fromager/Ceiba & Ilomba. Ceiba is a lightweight species and can be used in varied applications with right treatment and manufacturing processes. Apart from Ceiba, we also use Okoume and Rubber/Hevea veneers to make different specialized panels as per customer requirement.

Please see below the list of panels we produce in our facility:

  • Flexible Panels (3mm – 15mm) in CG & LG
  • Ceiba Lightweight Panels
  • Lloyd’s Certified Marine BS1088 Panels
  • Laminated Panels
  • Engineered Flooring Platforms
  • Furniture Grade Panels
  • Film Face Plywood
  • Anti-Slip Plywood

Our Production Facility