Sawn Timber abdigital May 31, 2022

Sawn Timber


The sawmill section compromises of Vertical & Horizontal Bandsaws mainly from Brenta, Woodmizer and Primurtini. We are trading lumber, beams, cants, pallets and others. We mainly deal with in following species from Africa: 

  • Spanish Cedar
  • Plantation Teak
  • Frake
  • Framire
  • Gmelina

Other species like Iroko, Mahogay family(Acajou, Tiama, Kotibe) etc are present at regular intervals as per availability. We are currently trading approx. 20,000 CBM of sawn timber and its different variants annually.

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the company has made a constant effort to work with Plantation based species ensuring total sustainability of the natural resources used.

We are trading Logs and Lumber from African sub-continent and Suriname. Prominent species would be: Sapele, Utile, Iroko, Padouk, Angelique, Purple Heart, Tanimbuca, Angelim Pedra, Ipe etc.