Future/Upcoming Projects abdigital May 25, 2022
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Our Upcoming Projects

Change is the only constant and we at Winksy International understand the importance of it. As the company’s management has been very perceptive to new technology and working as per the current market trends and requirements, the company plans to invest further into decorative veneers, Edge Glued Panels, Finger Jointed Panels/Butcher Boards.

Decorative veneers are being produced for decades in all regions of the world. Customers fond of wood and its aesthetic value prefer to use these as layons. Slicing(Crown or Quarter) have been carried for a long time in Africa especially of Sapele, Angerie, Sipo and other species. Today, as these species are rare and difficult to find, we see options of slicing plantation species like Ofram, Cedrella & Plantation Teak from 0.2mm to 0.8mm in thickness. We understand that with our reach in the market and existing customer base, we will be able to get serve the market with good quality sliced veneers. We plan to install machinery to produce approx. 800 CBM of veneers on a monthly basis. Further, we will be placing machines to make layons: Book Matched, Slip Matched and Mixed Layons giving our customers ready to use material.

We are in process to implement Edge Glued Panels and Finger Jointed Panels made out of different Mahogany family species, frake, plantation teak as well as rubberwood. These finger jointed panels are mainly used for stair cases, beams and kitchen/table tops. We plan to produce approx. 1500 CBM of boards on a monthly basis. Thickness will range from 19mm to 50mm. Beams can be as per customer requirement.


We also plan to produce briquettes of chipped wood and sawdust mixed together for the local market as our commitment to serve the community. Confectionery/boulangerie stores as well as in homemakers in villages use wood charcoal for preparation of food which produces a lot of carbon emission therefore hazardous to environment and injurious to workers health. Briquettes have a higher calorific value, create less pollution, more environment friendly compared to charcoal.
We estimate the above units to be operational at different phases from third quarter of 2023.
This will eventually help us to utilize all the waste generated at different sections of the wood processing making us closer to environment, reducing our carbon footprint and serving our mission and commitment to forestry and community.